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hand-to-mouth salon, video installation, 2022

vagrant genes, 2ch-video, 2021

unindebted life, video installation, gwangju biennale 2021

swan song: daejabo, video statement, 2020

catacombs of love, solo exhibition, 2020

talisman, A4 office print, 2020

trinity: finance-credo-spirituality, 2019

shrine of regrets, video installation, 2018

cradle of regrets, solo exhibition, 2018

garden of regrets, solo exhibition, 2018

the red liquid and narcissus, solo exhibition, 2017

lersta and her relatives, video installation, 2017

handbills, photography, 2016

a sexagesimal love letter, a little warm death, sisters in the plutocratic universe, video installation, 2016

leaflets over golden territories, folded poster, 2015

70th anniversary of korean liberation, 5580 krw minimum wage and the younger sister, magazine spread, 2015

misread gods, solo exhibition, 2015

the camp, manual and installation, 2014

spectral rite, procession, 2014

conical behavior – mute, window project, 2014

stone and donkeys, video installation, 2014

song for m, video installation, 2013

conical behavior, video installation, 2013

holy grail ikebana I, II, sculpture, 2013

honoured guests, digital print, 2013

banned songs: così fan tutte, video in 4 chapters, 2013

emily d.: the latent collaboration, video installation, 2012

art allows me the freedom to choose poverty, opening performance, 2012

balls, installation, 2012

aida, video installation, 2012

statements, 3 channel video insatallation, 2007/2012

friendly fire, video installation, hd, 2011

0 budget, object in journey, 2011

art allows me the freedom to choose poverty, collective walk, 2011

google prints, digital print, 2011

carols of cockayne, a study on imaginigs of war, 2010

lover boys, 2 channel hdv installation, 2009

round trip, 3 channel hdv triptych, 2008

the narrative of symptoms: as i was blonde for 5 minutes, single channel hdv, 2008

time machine (w/ 3united), mixed media performance, 2008

studio practice, 2 channel video, 2007

figures, single channel video, 2007

swing voters, single channel video, 2007

finale, video installation, 2007

well, video installation, 2007

interludo, video for concert über den himmel, die luft und das lächeln, 2007

alps revolution (w/ 3united), mixed media performance, 2007

die gelbe tapete, video for theater, 2007

karton (w/ nicolas pelzer), video, drawing, 2006

paper museum (w/ matthew lutz-kinoy), mixed media performance, 2006

die deutschen mögen die elefanten, wie die thailänder die pinguine (w/ 3united), mixed media performance, 2006

absent, video, 2006

petrified forests, video, 2006

como, video, 2006

solitary movement, video, 2005-6

holding hands, installation, 2004

on your loveliness, book, 2004

random minihompy, video, 2004

hanchon experiment, installation, 2003

frau winter muss ins krankenhaus, video, 2003

eraser and sugarcube room, installation, 2003

talking, video, 2003

sweet animal, sculpture, 2003

mother kangaroo sack, sculpture, 2002

on on kawara, sculpture, 2002